Kim is known for creating sophisticated, livable, welcoming interiors that bring out your personality and resemble you.  She believes in a fun, comfortable yet chic, happy home. Surround yourself with things you love, whether it is a special collection of art or porcelain, favorite family photos or objects from your travels that spark memories and make you smile. This philosophy of hers gives your home life and character. Your home is your sanctuary.

Kim mixes different periods and styles that make sense together, creating a collected home. You know you have walked into a space she designed when you see a combination of new with old, masculine and feminine, modern with traditional. This makes for spaces that are unique and never boring. She knows how to mix colors, scale, textures, solids and patterns in just the right way to achieve harmony. With Kim’s resources and knowledge, she will bring you exciting ideas that you have never even thought of or seen. 

Upon meeting Kim, she strives to get to know you and your family. Before she begins the design process to create spaces to suit her client’s wishes, she wants to know your lifestyle, your favorite colors, whether or not you have pets, children or grandchildren, do you entertain, have cocktail parties, play board games, have a collection of books, or antiques to incorporate. What are your hobbies/interests? She then gets to work on creating a home that fits you, all while respecting your budget. 

Historic homes are close to Kim’s heart. With so many in Charleston, she is sure to keep the integrity and continuation of the same architectural spirit, especially for built- ins and renovated kitchens. 

Transforming your home is an exciting time and with Kim, she will make sure it is a fun process, in which your own personal style comes out.